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Birds are better offer up their mesmerising debut album 'The Island - Part One'

When Norwegian folk-pop duo Birds are better first arrived last year with their breakthrough debut single 'Oblivion, Bliss', they were greeted as one of the more exuberant names emerging that year. And with a wealth of warm and shimmering gems under their belt over the last year, they now look to bring all of those glittering ideas under one roof with their sprawling debut album 'The Island - Part One'.

Featuring a whole host of previously unveiled gems from their catalogue to date, including 'Fall', 'Seven In The Morning', 'Super Highway' and 'Marigold', their initial full-length is a beautifully composed and performed introduction to their enchanting sound. With some wonderfully layered dual vocals, that quickly become the standout element of this new collection, 'The Island - Part One' showcases some of the most alluring folk-inspired offerings we have heard all year.

While the buzz surrounding the pair these past few months has been well earned, hearing 'The Island - Part One' really shows exactly why so many have been singing their praises of late. With this brilliantly airy direction that elevates their songwriting at almost every turn, they are definitely ones worth catching before they evidently dominate the new music scene further in the months to come.

Enjoy 'The Island - Part One' below.



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