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BlackieBlueBird return with their wondrous new album 'Grace & Gravity'

Ever since they first emerged with their stunning breakthrough debut album 'Ghost River' in 2018, Danish duo BlackieBlueBird have been seen as one of the more illuminating names on the scene. With their follow-up LP 'Goodbye In July' continuing that positive ascent in 2020, they are back once again with their third full-length 'Grace & Gravity', a record brimming with wondrous brevity throughout.

Continuing to explore more of that warm and shimmering direction they have developed over the years, their newest collection is a rich and tantalising return that sweeps and swoons as often as possible. Wearing their romantic sentiments on their sleeves throughout this new offering, 'Grace & Gravity' stands as one of their most impactful releases to date.

While they have previously been compared to the likes of Nick Cave and Enya, for 'Grace & Gravity', that similarity is all too palpable. With such a fresh and inviting take on their sound this time around, BlackieBlueBird continue to shine at every available opportunity here.

Enjoy 'Grace & Gravity' below.

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