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BLOODHOUNDS Drop New Thiller in 'We're Not The Same'

It also comes with a jaw dropping music video!

Hard-hitting rock band Bloodhounds offer an intriguing new perspective to the current heavy rock landscape. The band are now back with a ferocious new single ‘We’re Not The Same’ which reflects on the divide between the ruling class of this country and the other 99%.

In their new single, The band highlights the stark differences between these two groups, especially during the pandemic. Ignited by the UK lockdowns and restrictions, the south of England band convey their anguish and frustrations towards the abuse and manipulation of power. By combining their nurtured grunge sound with a fresh intensity they’re able to capture this rage and frustration. “The inspiration for this song was sparked amidst the UK lockdowns and restrictions. The public were mostly following the rules, whereas it was those who made the very laws themselves, simply made any excuse to party and make a mockery of the suffering every-day person. The public have been lied to and disrespected all too frequently the past couple of years by Boris Johnson and his sycophantic lying drones, this song is an angry retaliation to their insults” - Bloodhounds front man Joe Newell.

Bloodhounds possess a relentless stage show and have shared it with the likes of Saint Agnes, As Everything Unfolds, Tantric, The Fallen State and many more. Having already picked up support from BBC Music Introducing, Total Rock Radio and being currently sat with over 500,000 streams on Spotify alone, Bloodhounds are set to continue their storm and turn many heads with ‘We’re Not The Same.

Watch the official music video right here:


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