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Blooms Releases Haunting Pop Track 'Text Me When You Get Home'

Blooms' new single reflects upon women’s safety, a theme that has been in the public eye of late in the UK. The Irish singer-songwriter was inspired by the murder of Sarah Everard in 2021, but also by the concerns that she and every women feel living in a society where a culture of male violence against women exists.

The heavy themes are contrasted by gentle vocals and airy synthesisers, creating a dream-like haze that feels like the whirling thoughts that go through a girls' head when she's out by herself.

I wrote the song as a reaction to the Sarah Everard story. I lived in London. I walked through parks on my own to get home. I have been that girl. We have all been that girl but the outcome of her story broke my heart. There's definitely a sadness to the song. We all want the people we care about to let us know that they're safe, to let us know they got home ok. It should be so simple but it's not. - Blooms shares.

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