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  • Ellie McGuire

Blue Capricorn Unleashes A Sonically Cohesive Track ‘PALO SANTO’

Dallas-based music artist Rodrigo Caraballo-Marin, known as Blue Capricorn, explores genre blending in his music.

He returns with his latest single ‘PALO SANTO’ showcasing his versatility and uniqueness in the alternative and electronic track. There’s a perfect blend of emotive storytelling, and dynamic production sounds, whilst creating a haunting vibe upon listening.

Overall, the track is sonically cohesive and intriguing as he paves his way as an emerging artist in the music industry. Fueled by high productions, his ever-growing creative talents, and his love for his music, Blue Capricorn is a star in the making.

“‘PALO SANTO’ is about desire and infatuation. It's me being submissive and accepting of the idea of receiving love and being fragile to it and by it. Love wasn't really something I was used to the last eight years of my life and I've learned so much about it until very recently. I didn't know anything about love, and I've grown to be quite sensitive about it. It's something I value more than ever,” - Blue Capricorn comments on the track.

Be sure to check out, ‘PALO SANTO’:


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