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Brand new rock anthem from Mardez

Released earlier today, emerging pop-rock artist Mardez has dropped his debut full-length album, Been There Before. Led by the retro-inspired and groove-filled title track, Mardez is taking the rock scene by storm with this new release. This riotous and rebellious offering gives us a tantalising insight into the capabilities of this emerging artist at the very start of their career.

“The track's name and content represent the fact of being in constant life changing situations, both good and bad, and knowing how to react because I’ve been there before. That reference also speaks to the fact that most of these songs have been written and performed for years, though never recorded. They've also ‘been there before’.”

Making his debut back in 2019 with 'Live on a Cloud', Mardez has since dedicated himself to to honing his craft as he took his performance from state to state. Based out of Dallas, Texas, Mardez has long carved out a name for himself in his local scene, playing shows both solo and within a group since he studied at the University of Texas.

You can check out Mardez's brand new album Been There Before here...

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