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BRANDEUS releases heartbroken new single, "Vino"

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Aussie-bred singer-songwriter BRANDEUS has shared a taste of his new music with his new single “Vino”, produced by Raspo.

Originally from Australia, BRANDEUS, otherwise known as Brandon Williams, is an all-rounded artist, singer, songwriter and producer that offers an atmospheric blend of R&B, Alternative Pop and Hip-Hop. Known for his buzzing singles 'War' and 'IDTM', Brandon delves deeply into his past personal experiences and passion in his lyrics. With him riding the new-wave R&B aesthetic, BRANDEUS is bound to make his mark.

“Vino represents the mental effects and overthinking caused by loneliness and alcoholism. It is okay to experience depression and loneliness, these feelings are normal, and "it's just a phase, it's not forever." Constant use of synthetic substances and consumption of alcohol does not always denote a good time or make the beauty of life richer. Happiness and fun is what you make it.”

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