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Canadian R&B Sensation Emanuel Drops New Album 'Alt Therapy'

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

With over 21 million global streams and support across tastemaker press already under his belt, Canadian R&B Artist Emanuel is already making waves. Now back with his new album Emanuel is once again demonstrating his vocal prowess and flawless songwriting.

Opening with the two ballads 'Need You' and 'Thought 'It'd Be Easy', Alt Therapy gently pulls you in with warm, atmospheric RnB soundscapes under Emanuel's distinctive, ultra controlled, ultra cool vocal delivery before bursting into life on the infectious 'Addiction'. Elsewhere across the 12 tracks Emanuel joins forces with fellow Canadian Dylan Sinclair for the bouncy bop 'Hindsight' before Emanuel flourishes on the expansive and dreamy album highlight 'Worldwide'.

The conclusion of a trio of releases alongside the two EPs Alt Therapy Session 1: Disillusion and Alt Therapy Session 2: Transformation, Emanuel uses his music to tell his story through an honest and entirely human lens.

Listen to the full album 'Alt Therapy' below:


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