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CARLEY Cements Spot in Pop/R&B World With Debut EP "12:34"

Credit: Ellen Reese

Pop/ R&B artist CARLEY has arrived with her debut EP “12:34,” out now. Set to infectious beats and fierce lyrics, her lush, soulful vocals carry the listener through an uplifting four-track journey. “I always knew I’d make it, /Found the other side,” she sings in “Free.” Radio-ready and begging to be sung in the car or the club, CARLEY’s vibe is reminiscent of contemporaries Ariana Grande, Kehlani, and Sabrina Carpenter.

Based in Los Angeles and hailing from Katy, TX, CARLEY has always had both feet firmly planted in entertainment. She grew up singing in her local church choir, eventually pursuing a musical theater degree from Baylor University. She left college to move to Los Angeles and work on her artistry full-time, collaborating with producer Billy Wonka.

“We love to mix bubbly melodies with thunderous 808’s and like to say it’s a modern take on R&B / pop that pays homage to the greats while blazing my own sonic trail,” she shares. After a string of successful singles, including “Grateful for You” which was placed on Spotify’s R&B Fresh Finds, “12:34” is the perfect introduction to her newest chapter of fulfillment both personally and professionally.

Standout title track “12:34” is the first on the EP, and it immediately introduces her audience to the energetic positivity that seeps into the following three songs. With synths, pads and electric bass, Carley sings, “I’m on the right track, doin’ big things./ Yeah my future is calling me.” After strings of heartbreak and confusion in her career, this body of work was born as a surge of confidence. 1234, a number sequence Carley often sees on clocks or license plates, is coincidentally also an angel number, or a “God wink,” as she calls it.

Carley explains, “1234 is confirmation you’re on the right path. It’s a symbol to let go of beliefs that no longer serve you. 1234 is a reminder of your potential, to believe in yourself and keep going.” Her hope is that vulnerable lyricism, paired with smooth production will resonate with listeners in a way that feels good.

“‘12:34’ is a reminder that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be,” she shares. “That the best is yet to come.”

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