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Chanidu releases soaring new single ‘I Want To Feel Your Love’

Hailing from New Jersey, Chanidu, the moniker of singer and songwriter Chinedu Nwaziri, has been releasing music for over a decade, taking his talents to a range of genres throughout his career. The Nigerian-born turned US citizen brings together sounds of pop, rock and country, never afraid to experiment with his influences.

Chanidu recently returned with the catchy and upbeat single ‘I Want To Feel Your Love’. Utilising warm electric piano chords, shuffling, punchy drums and shimmering synths gives the track a futuristic feel. Chanidu’s uplifting and positive vocal delivery lends itself perfectly to his newly-found nu-disco atmosphere, intertwining vibrant lead melodies that soar above the glittering instrumentation. Energising from start to finish, it’s a strong single from the artist.

Chanidu shares, “Sergey Rybchinski wrote the beat that inspired the lyrics- Her love was slipping away from his fingers because he didn't take it seriously and she was about to give her love to somebody else. Now he is begging. "Give it to me Baby, give it to me, Oh Baby....…”



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