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Charlie Noiir drops huge track 'REASONS'

Charlie Noiir, just like his group STAYOUTLATE, have been making a huge mark on the hip-hop and rap scene. 2 weeks ago, his group released their debut album to huge acclaim and recognition, but Noiir didn't want to step there, and in fact has done the complete opposite standing still, releasing a statement new single to be reckoned with in 'REASONS'.

Bringing the same suave and charm in his performance once more, Noiir possesses a constant hunger to create and innovate within the sounds he has already implemented. 'REASONS' is hard hitting and real, as he switches between his signature autotune trip-hop vocals and his assertive rapping style that delivered so potently. It's raw and energetic, ans you can hear that Noiir loves to be present and in that very moment when writing. You can certainly feel the sonic direction that Charie wanted to go with this one, and the video perfectly encapsulates this too, directed by Tyler Roussell.

“We were just applying the finishing touches to Faberge so I was still in heavy recording mode and I had a lot to say that I didn't feel fit for THE project. I had a session with Tribe and he played this beat and off the rip the hook just came to me."

Check out 'REASONS' alongside the stunning video for it here:

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