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Chaz Cardigan releases stand-out folk-pop single 'We Look So Good'

Chaz Cardigan has been taking the world by storm with his unique, modern blend of pop and folk. Featured by the likes of Billboard and Flaunt, Cardigan has been recognised as a troubadour we can all relate to in some way. 'We Look So Good' is his latest offering, and it's full of hooky and powerful melodies, making it easy to see why he's getting all of the attention he rightly deserves.

The video has a DIY craft to it and is comforting to watch, as Chaz depicts the notion of patriotism and looking good on the outside, when in fact whether as a nation or in a relationship with struggles, it's the complete opposite. Chaz puts this across in such a fun-filled manner, in this hugely catchy, bipolar pop song.

Check it out on Spotify:


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