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Che Arthur explodes on his anthemic new album 'For That Which Now Lies Fallow'

Throughout his broad and varied tenure to date, Chicago-based polymath Che Arthur has always seeked out a new and exciting direction to call his own. Whether it is the rip-roaring aesthetic of his solo work, his material in other bands, or his electronic projects, he is always looking a passionate angle in which to take his sound. And after what has already been a explorative run of releases recently, he now returns with his anthemic new album 'For That Which Now Lies Fallow'.

Similar to the vein of creativity he developed on his previous solo outings, his newest endeavour looks to combine his flair for euphoric alt-rock energy with a more immersive take on the lyrics and vocals. With each track a short and spritely delve into some of his most emotionally-charged songwriting to date, 'For That Which Now Lies Fallow' is a dazzling return to form that builds upon his already tantalising career so far.

While eccentricity and innovation has always been a part of his character, 'For That Which Now Lies Fallow' feels far more adventurous than what we have heard from him previously. Embarking on such a captivating venture this time around, Che Arthur is still managing to keep his enigmatic persona alive throughout this new collection.



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