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Ciinema release music video for debut single 'Planet Eyes'

Nostalgic, relaxed and infectious, Ciinema burst onto the scene last year with their anthemic debut single ‘Planet Eyes’, taking a refreshing new perspective to alternative pop whilst still embellishing the re-discovered love for synth-pop we hear in modern music. The instrumental is textured and dynamic, with drums, synths and grooving bass all moving underneath the soft vocal performance. The track is now paired with a music video which is every bit as stylised and lush in its colours and visuals as the track is in vibe and soundscape.

Speaking about this they say: “The Planet Eyes music video is a spaced-out daydream that muses on flirtation, wonderment, and the endless possibilities which romantic ambiguity inspires mentally.

It’s this single and the prospect of their upcoming self-titled EP that has allowed Ciinema to be hailed as rising stars. They blend poetic song writing dreamy synths and soulful grooves, playing into their wide range of alt-pop, jazz and synth-pop genre influences.

The band is now based in London, opening the door for further stardom and more opportunities. Ciinema are undoubtedly set to see increased tastemaker success and audience growth in the future.


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