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common goldfish continues his rise with ode to London's rave legacy in new single 'Tottenham Ritzy'

common goldfish, the musical persona of Jonty Lovell, has emerged as a dynamic force - seamlessly blending genres while summoning a sense of nostalgic resonance. In a grand return, Lovell unveils a sensational new single that pays homage to the iconic rave culture flourishing in London during the early '80s and late '90s.

Entitled 'Tottenham Ritzy,' this track stands as a reverent tribute to a bygone era, embodying the infectious energy, pulsating beats, and euphoric ambiance that once permeated the dance floors across the nation.

Inspiration for this sonic tapestry blossomed from an interview featuring hardcore DJ Slipmatt reminiscing about the glory days, particularly referencing an old nightclub nestled in the heart of North London—the Tottenham Ritzy. This venue, a hallmark of London's rave culture, served as the artistic fuel for common goldfish's latest musical endeavour.

Upon discovering the historical significance of the Tottenham Ritzy, Lovell felt an instinctive pull to immortalise its essence through music. "I just felt compelled to make a track and share the story of the venue, and this is what it ended up being," shares common goldfish, reflecting on the impetus behind the creation of the track.

'Tottenham Ritzy' pulsates with an infectious rhythm, intertwining funk-infused basslines with an irresistible piano topline, reminiscent of the golden age of rave. Here, common goldfish's adept production prowess shines through, melding the nostalgic spirit of old-school rave with a contemporary edge.

common goldfish once again artfully crafts a musical homage, rekindling the vibrancy and unity that defined an era, while simultaneously advocating for the preservation of the invaluable cultural heritage woven within the fabric of UK nightlife.

Stream 'Tottenham Ritzy' here:


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