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common goldfish delights with fuzzy-indie-pop single 'Low Lights and Throwback Tunes'

common goldfish has been dazzling the indie market with his nostalgic infusion of retro indie-pop, taking homage to the greats like Stone Roses et al. His fourth single, 'Low Lights and Throwback Tunes' seems to take his sonic offering to a whole other dimension though, and it's mightily impressive. Venturing into that aforementioned fuzzy indie vibe at the start, goldfish also possesses a vocal that would be at the forefront of hazy and euphoric Manchester days, and he brings it to the fore and more in this release.

“The song is about those moments you share with your mates and that one iconic throwback tune starts blaring out the speakers. Before you know it, everyone’s up and dancing, and there’s an energy flowing through the room.”

Catchy, vibrant and eclectic, he manages to push the musical viewpoint to the modern day with his clever synth lines and layers of sounds, and this takes full form in the last part of the track. It almost turns into a feel-good dance tune, and that's exactly what common goldfish wants to achieve, with the electric piano centring alongside the synth pads. It's almost impossible not to get caught in what common goldfish is doing, and it's nothing like you've heard before. Check it out now.

Stream 'Low Lights and Throwback Tunes' now:

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