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Conscious hip-hop royalty: Jody Bigfoot and producer Tandaro’s collaboration

‘Duszt On A Rock' by Jody Bigfoot, produced by Tandaro is out now and it’s one hell of a banger. A conscious hip-hop—infused gem, this record is one you can’t shake off, because it will linger for a long time after hearing…

If you haven’t heard of Jody Bigfoot, where have you been? This North-East, UK based artist and rapper is busy cooking up an absolute storm. Bigfoot was drawn to Japan as he has always loved Japanese cinematography so wanted to film there with his new camera. He spent a year (2011-12) there before later returning in Autumn 2018 to film the feature-length music video for his 12-track solo LP. Music and film combined, this would become his debut solo project 'Duszt'...

This collaboration with Tandaro is pretty ambitious. This latest single is the final of a string of releases taken from the upcoming ‘Duszt’ project released this May 1st. Not long to go! For now, there’s a series of trailers, single and video releases to get you warmed up, so make sure to head to Youtube and give those a watch/listen.

‘Duszt On A Rock' is one to stream, love, appreciate from dusk till dawn. It is equal parts catchy and pensive. Go stream it now and see what the fuss is about!

Check out Jody Bigfoot on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE

Check out Tandaro on INSTAGRAM


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