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5 Songs I Love w/ Sam Segurado

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Following the release of the breathtaking single 'Overspace', the first single off his upcoming new album and a first look at his brilliant new folktronica sound, Sam Segurado has introduced himself as a really exciting prospect. We caught up with Sam to talk us through 5 songs that inspired the creation of the new single and it's accompanying music video.

Everybody Here Wants You - Jeff Buckley

I don’t usually overthink songwriting too much, but when I set out to write Overspace I wanted to write the sexiest song I’d ever written. It was natural for me to draw inspiration from Jeff. Buckley’s voice is living, breathing emotion. It was his words “even now you’re undressed in your dreams with me” that made me realise the most beautiful pick-up lines can only exist in song. I’ve loved Jeff’s music since I was 15, and I’ll never stop. I Can’t Make U Love Me - Prince

Before I even discovered Jeff, my reference for sexy music was of course Prince. My sister and I used to blast this song on repeat. I distinctly remember this being the first time where I started to understand what ‘music production’ meant, around the time I got my first four-track Portastudio. I don’t think this version will ever stop blowing me away, Prince’s musical ability and sex appeal are truly unmatched.

223 - Indian Run

I first discovered Shane (aka Indian Run) through this incredible video he shared on the Bon Iver subReddit. Indian Run immediately became a reference for the soundscape I wanted to aim towards with the second album. When my producer Stephen Lovatt became too unwell to work together, and with his blessing, I approached Shane about collaborating. Stephen got better, and I feel so lucky to have collaborated with both producers on Overspace as a result. Aside from being a song that got me through a tough time in my life, 223 really showcases the amazing production that Shane brings to all of his work.

Eat That Up It's Good For You - Two Door Cinema Club

The unofficial music video to this awesome TDCC track was a huge inspiration for the video to Overspace. I think the concept of Kevin Lin’s video is incredible, and the sleek camerawork and clean visuals really capture the pathos of relationships in a unique way. For Overspace, I wanted to portray something that felt more authentic and raw, if nothing else than to better differentiate it from Lin’s flawless cut. Love More - Daniel Hart, Comet OST

Comet by Sam Esmail, one of my favourite ever films, was the other inspiration for the video for Overspace. Daniel Hart’s entire soundtrack is amazing, but his version of Sharon Van Etten’s Love More is especially breathtaking. The movie never fails to break my heart in a million pieces. I’m kinda cheating with this last choice because I really recommend that people watch the movie in its entirety. Watch Overspace below:

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