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CubsNocap drops new track 'Lockdown'

With a unique blend of traditional American R&B and the sharp, hard hitting wit of U.K hip-hop, ‘Lockdown’ is the captivating new single from Gloucester based artist CubsNocap.

Lockdown is a relatable portrayal of the feelings caused by isolation, the loneliness experienced by the world over during the wave of lockdowns. Making use of his notable talent for writing and delivering concise, well thought out bars, Cubs manages to capture the introspective emotion of the population.

Speaking to the significance of the track he explains, “Project ‘Lockdown’ explores various themes. Besides showcasing my authenticity I use a juxtaposition to tap into the concepts of mental health, depression and current issues worldwide. Additionally I aim to awaken the reality of being trapped in the first official ‘Lockdown’, confused, isolated and restricted.”

At this early stage in his career Cubs shows a massive potential and has already produced seriously impressive work, both in new song Lockdown, and earlier release Phoney. The latter achieved over 5,000 streams within the first month of its release. With an appetite for success and obvious dexterity in the field, Cubs is destined for greatness.

Having already displayed such promise, Cubs is certainly a talent to watch for the foreseeable future.

Listen to 'Lockdown' here:

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