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Curse of Lono releases stunning melancholic alt-rock single 'Krieger'

It's always better for the listener when the artist tells a story in lyrics and in music, and this is exactly what UK artist Curse of Lono offers in spades. Serendipitous and bittersweet in sonics, his latest single 'Krieger' is a real builder of a song that sparks intrigue from the first second.

In an opening of light drum machines and some lo-fi bass, Curse of Lono's raspy yet commanding voice takes centre stage , in this hazy yet brilliantly minimalistic introduction. The percussion lifts, along with the synths and his volume of vocal tonality, in what is a song all about his predecessors who fought in the first world war.

“Krieger is a song about my grandfather’s uncle, Heinrich Schwarz, a German Jew and decorated First World War hero, known locally as ‘der Krieger’ (German for The Warrior). He fought as a foot soldier in the trenches in Flanders, at the Battle Of The Aisne and in the Battle Of The Somme. He lost both his brothers and his brother-in-law in the First World War."

His raw yet polished voice immediately connects you and draws you in, a unique quality of Curse of Lono and his beautiful way of storytelling. The song crescendos towards the end in what is a real bruising ambience, hitting that sweet spot between rock and pop. 'Krieger' is another wondrous instalment from Curse of Lono, in what is a really deep and resonating track.

Stream 'Krieger' in full here:


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