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  • Ellie McGuire

D. Green Presents New Single 'Made for Loving'

D. Green’s latest release ‘Made for Loving’ is a testament to his versatility as a songwriter, producer, and recording artist.

The uplifting track merges genres of funk, soul, and R&B influences into a groovy production incorporating a funky bass, rhythmic guitars, keys, drums, and vocals.

‘Made for Loving’ by D. Green is an objective look at the raw, imperfect beauty of self-love. He believes it will resonate with anybody who is straddling the line between love and self-discovery. His musical abilities are demonstrated in the track while underscoring his sincerity, ardour, and dedication to the advancement of art. His most recent work, which complements his whole musical record to date, showcases his artistry.

“‘Made for Loving’ was like a heart-to-heart with myself. I've been on this quest, decoding what love means today. It's about giving, receiving, messy, beautiful – and it starts with being in tune with the love you've got for yourself. It's the raw, imperfect anthem to self-love,” D. Green comments on the release.


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