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Dana Luna releases thrashing new single "Back&Forth"

Born and raised in Manchester, Dana Luna is causing a stir within the indie realm. Her latest single "Back&Forth" showcases her unique and infectious sound. Drums smash through the mix, working hand in glove with a bass line with guitars ebbing and flowing together. Dana's vocals shine through with personality, and come wrapped up in an infectious melody.

Discussing the single Dana Luna explains: "I'd just got out of a really toxic situation with an ex. I was sitting on a train and we were in yet another bad argument. I wrote out this really long message basically telling him to F himself and then the song ‘You & Jennifer’ by Bulow came on through my headphones. It was such a weird song to just randomly come on because it was just so unreasonably fitting and I just got this overwhelming spark of inspiration from that & how shameless & unapologetic she was with it. So anyway, I erased the message, hit block, got my notebook out & wrote the lyrics to the first verse.”

Dana Luna’s first studio EP ‘Sorry did you call me ExTra?’ is set for 2023. She is an unsigned solo artist with a diverse range of eclectic influences spanning from the punk era to present day pop artists such as Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo & Billie Eilish.

From age 3 she was heavily involved in musical theatre & started learning guitar and writing songs at age 12. At 16 she signed with Boss Models in Manchester & went on to win Miss British Isles in 2021 but later left the organisation as she wanted to have more freedom over her own creative expression. Dana is now taking her music into her own hands.



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