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  • Alice Smith

Darrin James' "When You're With Me" – A Melodic Journey of Love and Nostalgia

Multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Darrin James has brought us a gem with his latest single, "When You're With Me." Based in Ann Arbor, US, Darrin James is no stranger to the music world. Known for his distinctive gravelly voice, thoughtful lyrics, soulful musicianship, and an eclectic production style that blends the electric and gritty sounds of blues and rock with the acoustic, rootsy elements of Americana, James has already left his mark on the industry.

"When You're With Me" perfectly encapsulates James' signature sound. It's an upbeat track filled with heartfelt lyricism, centred around an inviting acoustic guitar riff, driving drums, and honky-tonk-inspired piano lines. These elements harmonize seamlessly with Darrin James' gruff vocal performance, creating a musical experience that resonates with listeners.

In the core of this sweet alt-country love song lies an undercurrent of nostalgia and a hint of melancholy, suggesting that something precious may have been lost. James' songwriting delves deeper than the surface emotions, inviting listeners to explore the complexities of love and relationships.

With the release of "When You're With Me," Darrin James looks to the future and an upcoming album that promises a more personal selection of songs. In this new album, inspired by his experiences, you can expect to hear his characteristic gritty arrangements, further solidifying his position as a notable figure in the musical landscape. Darrin James' music resonates on multiple levels, leaving an indelible mark on your soul.

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