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  • Paul Riley

Diva Flawless Unveils Captivating New Track “They Don’t Know”

It’s safe to say Diva Flawless is a star with a huge future. A singer, songwriter and producer based in Vancouver, Canada, Diva began her music career in 2019 and has been going from strength to strength ever since. In just three years she has accumulated over 16 million streams across all music platforms and over 1.3 million followers across her social media channels. With her fanbase continuing to grow with each release, she has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Her brand-new single, “They Don’t Know”, is out now and looks set to be another success and help continue Diva’s impressive rise.

With its head-nodding beat and Diva’s captivating smooth vocals, the track immediately draws you in. Speaking on the concept behind the song, Diva says, “Seeing my sister going through a very heartbreaking separation inspired me to dedicate a song about love and betrayal. It made me want to talk about how easy people change and simply ignore the affection that was given to them. I really feel connected to this song as it goes into the details about my sister's breakup and how it impacted her life.

“‘They Don't Know’ means people outside the relationship don't understand their love story, a love story that begins with the intensity of his love that causes her to do anything – anything is possible for her when he's around. However, the love is not defined quite the same in his eyes. He is not intending to stay nor does he intend to sacrifice as she has. This creates a conflict in which he decides that leaving is the best option. She is now in doubt of everything – if he ever did love her or meant anything that he said.”

“They Don’t Know” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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