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Domo Wilson reveals empowering offering 'Sweet Girl'

Bathed in dream-pop sensibilities and a glistening vocal to add layers of sass over the top, 'Sweet Girl' is the inspiring single from Domo Wilson. You may recognise Domo Wilson from her social media pages and YouTube channel. With over 348,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 8 million followers across socials, Domo is quickly becoming a household name and someone you'd be proud to support. Having gone viral on TikTok with the bisexual anthem 'Becoming Myself', this empowering LGBTQ+ artist is going from strength to strength with each musical release.

Speaking about the glistening indie track, Domo shares, “Sweet Girl is everything to me. I wrote the song because whenever i get married i want it to be my first dance lol. No but seriously, sometimes I have a hard time expressing my feelings, so much is my gateway. Sweet Girl was me confessing my love to my sweet girl.”

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