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Donovan Keith sings a "Heartbreak Soliloquy" in new single

Donovan Keith is a man who truly embodies the spirit of a performer. With his classic soul vocals and infectious showmanship, he has won over audiences across the country, becoming one of the most sought-after musicians in the industry.

Hailing from the midwest and currently calling Austin, TX home, Donovan has made a name for himself in the music scene, thanks to his unique style and his passion for connecting with his audience. He just returned with a new track, "Heartbreak Soliloquy", featuring Emily Keeley.

Donovan Keith's suave singing style shines in "Heartbreak Soliloquy" even without any musical instruments accompanying him. The combination of Americana, pop, and folk genres in the song creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, and makes it a really enjoyable track.

Listen below:

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