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Dream Pony keep the vibes high on their breezy debut album 'SUSPICION TODAY'

When New York newcomers Dream Pony emerged last year with their much-loved debut single 'Bikini Vision', many made comparisons to the likes of Lou Reed, Patti Smith and The Modern Lovers. Blending a distinctly retro-inspired groove with a more contemporary atmosphere quickly gave them a noticeable sound that they have managed to broaden in the months since as they now deliver their hotly-tipped debut album 'SUSPICION TODAY'.

Moving in those same avenues their initial offering exposed us to, their newest collection is a rich and riveting deep-dive into their most progressive aesthetics. Channelling this brilliantly original and enigmatic vibe that builds upon their immersive foundations, but also offers up something new as it plays, 'SUSPICION TODAY' cements their vibrant legacy to date and names them as one of America's more passionate names on the rise right now.

While similar names like The Lemon Twigs have certainly played a strong hand with the nostalgic approach, Dream Pony are going their own way with it, delivering something that all generations can appreaciate. Tracks like 'TONIGHT' and 'SUNDAY SUITS' highlight their innovative nature, and showcase some brilliantly adventurous production ideas to boot.



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