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E-PO release thrashing new single ‘Outcry’

E-PO are an infectious, alternative rock outfit from Birmingham and London. Their unique sound fuses sharp lyrics with thrashing instrumentation as their music details their opinon on current mainstream topics.

Their latest single ‘Outcry’ is as infectious as ever. Drums smash through the mix, reverberating energy around the mix. A grooving bass line is placed in between. On top, vocals and overdrive-soaked guitars work hand in glove to create an irresistible, rock heavy sound.

Discussing ‘Outcry’ the band explain: “Our new single lyrically explores themes of government and media control and how we are affected by it as well as how we facilitate it. Acting as a call to arms, the lyrics examine the lack of agency and privacy afforded to people in their everyday lives through a lens of dystopian, Orwellian imagery.”



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