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Edie Yvonne continues her ascent on new single 'Darkness Bliss'

Throughout the last few months, emerging artist Edie Yvonne has been on an incredible winning streak. Despite still in her teenage years, she has been showing grit and determination far beyond her years with a flurry of dynamic delights, and now looks to continue that current form with her dazzling new single 'Darkness Bliss'.

Adopting a far darker atmosphere than what she has been pursuing recently, her newest outing continues that fresh and driven pursuit for new textures she has been developing of late. With a wondrous approach to production perfectly complimenting her vibrant vocals from beginning to end, 'Darkness Bliss' feels like the highest pinnacle of her adventurous nature yet.

While there has hardly been a moment that Edie Yvonne hasn't shown herself as one of the more exciting names on the rise, there is something about 'Darkness Bliss' that shows she is still cultivating something unique for herself. Brimming with a progressive ascent throughout, she is definitely one of 2023's brightest stars yet.

Enjoy 'Darkness Bliss' below.



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