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Egzod puts electrifying future bass spin on Layto's 'Five4three2one'

In the realm of music, when two titans collide, the result is nothing short of explosive. 'Five4three2one (Egzod Remix)' is a spellbinding testament to this phenomenon—a contribution to the storied annals of future bass that defies expectations. It's a musical odyssey where Egzod's celebrated production prowess converges with Layto's ethereal vocals, and the outcome is nothing short of aurally arresting.

In 'Five4three2one (Egzod Remix),' Egzod seamlessly melds his unique future bass sound with Layto's mesmerising vocals, which have ensnared the hearts of over a million Spotify listeners. Layto has built his reputation on the foundation of undeniable talent, and when paired with Egzod's artistry, the chorus of this track transforms into an entirely different beast. Egzod leaves his indelible mark with hard-hitting, encapsulating future bass elements, perfectly harmonising with Layto's original vocals and topline. This collaboration is a dream come true for EDM enthusiasts and music lovers far and wide.

What elevates 'Five4three2one (Egzod Remix)' to monumental heights is the synthesis of their distinct artistry. It transcends the boundaries of powerful bass and epic vocals; it embodies the legacy and spirit of two artists who, at the zenith of their careers, have chosen to unite. With accolades that could make any producer envious, Egzod's signature touch is unmistakable in this remix, a testament to his ever-evolving yet consistently impactful brand.

Stream 'five4three2one (remix)' now:


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