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  • Alice Smith

Electronic Collective ‘BLENDIN’ERA’ Captivates With Vibrant Debut Single ‘This Love’

The debut single 'This Love' by the international music collective 'BLENDIN’ERA' marks their entrance into the music scene. The group, led by Rick T. (DJ Abstract), Castor Troy, and Rob Fischer, collaborates with talented artists like SaDBoY and Laura Lopez, creating captivating electronic music from their base in Germany.

'This Love' features the enigmatic SaDBoY from JungleStudios, exhibiting BLENDIN’ERA's commitment to top-tier production with infectious beats and catchy vocal lines, perfect for the upcoming summer. The music video enhances the experience with vibrant visuals and cinematic cut scenes.

SaDBoY, hailing from Frankfurt, Germany, has an impressive 20-year musical journey across various genres and global audiences. BLENDIN’ERA, founded by Castor, Rick, and later joined by Rob, boasts a history of successful collaborations, including hits and partnerships with renowned artists and labels.

The collective is set to release their next single, 'When The World Is Running Down,' featuring German Afro-Caribbean artist Laura Lopez (LauRAW), continuing their series of anticipated releases throughout the year.

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