• Andrew Lewis

ELKIN master haunting pop with their suitably spooky new track ‘Bodies’ and antidote B-side ‘Ghostin

Bass-heavy with ELKIN’s signature sweet and glossy vocals, ‘Bodies’ is the Halloween anthem you didn’t know you needed. The Irish duo tackle club culture and invading space whilst sending their sound into floor-filling, highly danceable realms. Expect atmospheric beats, whispering vocals, and industrial synth sounds - and a spooky haunted house-themed animated video. ‘Ghostin’ is a little more upbeat but still sends a clear message- don’t waste my time. ELKIN throw in some gorgeous harmonies, smooth beats, and ambient synths for an equally addictive B-side.

Talking about ‘Bodies’, ELKIN reveal:

For us, ‘Bodies’ is the embodiment of what we want our music to be - sonically, it's a club banger and lyrically it's thoughtful, provocative and political. It's really empowering for us to take ownership over a culture that often makes us feel powerless. In this song it's our world, and in our world we can say outright: 'don't touch us'.”

Commenting on ‘Ghostin’, ELKIN share: “Happy Halloween! You know what's really scary? People's lack of decency! Don't ghost people, it's really shit. Love ELKIN x”