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Emanuel releases sophomore EP, Session 2: Transformation

In partnership with new label Motown Records Canada native Emanuel releases sophomore EP Session 2: Transformation. The initial look into the project came last month with the release of lead single 'Black Woman'. The EP expresses sincerity and the complexity of human nature over a sleek selection of beats. It’s a perfect assortment of songs that allows for listening in every and any situation.

With the additional songs on Session 2: Transformation, Emanuel really dives into an expedition of the workings of the heart and the necessity of human love. He describes ‘Magazines’, the lead-off track on the EP, as “a projection of the observation that there are a lot of people who are desperate for wealth gratification and are trying to fill their broken hearts with a whole lot of nothing” while ‘PTH’, Emanuel’s most intimate and sensually stirring song yet. “The song is super carnal,” he says, “but it’s also really beautiful - I hold those experiences and those moments in high regard. I wanted it to be an expression of love and about appreciating a woman’s body in that moment.”

The second instalment of his full-length debut album ALT THERAPY due next year, Session 2: Transformation is a tantalising creation of lust and sensuality with tones of gratification and healing.

Listen to the full EP here:


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