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Emergency Escape Plan and Octave Lissner unveil genre-bending single ‘The Page’

Emergency Escape Plan has returned, continuing a string of recent single releases with the genre-bending track ‘The Page’. Bringing on Paris-born artist Octave Lissner, the duo brings together warm electronica atmospheres with breezy folk moments, pulling from acoustic instrumentation amongst their vast synth design. Grooving bass and pulsating house drums come beneath a glowing ethereal atmosphere that sees a dance between twinkling synths and guitar arpeggios accompanying a hazy lead vocal.

The pair add, ”When I wrote the song, I had in mind a story, I did not say anything to Octave; but when he wrote the lyrics, it was the same story.”

Created by French composer and bass player, Jordi Authier, and independent producer Howard Whiddett, also known as Sandancer, Emergency Escape Plan is steadily crafting a signature sound that brings together rich orchestral arrangements with intense electronic music. Bringing together other musicians into the collective, they create their meticulous soundscapes within a live setting.

Octave Lissner first debuted with ‘Silver Rain’, a track that has remained a core part of his success. Going on to perform live supporting Mr. Big at Koko and performing across his home city of Paris, Octave’s music is also rooted in intricate composition.


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