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  • Paul Riley

Emerging Producer Bee Blizz Reveals Addictive New Single “I Wish We Were Young”

M. Bryan Hedrick Jr, known professionally as DJ/producer Bee Blizz has been capturing the hearts and ears of fans across the globe. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Bee Blizz has been involved in music since his early life and has spent the last 15+ years DJing. A few years ago, he took a step back from playing shows, and it was during this time he began to produce his own music. Last year, he made his official debut when he started sharing his productions with the world, drawing inspiration from the likes of Wolfgang Gartner, Adventure Club, Skrillex, Joyride, Wilkinson and Etherwood. After a series of releases over the past year, Bee Blizz has just returned with his new single, “I Wish We Were Young”.

Infused with addictive melodies, a huge anthemic hook that will be ingrained in everyone’s head after one listen and lush vocals interlinked with deep electro house beats, “I Wish We Were Young” is Bee Blizz’s most confident release to date and showcases what a huge talent he is. And with plenty more tracks under his belt ready to be unleashed, he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Speaking further on the new release, Bee Blizz says, “‘I Wish We Were Young’ is all about being young again. It’s the first track of my career that I spent quite a bit of time putting together because of all of the moving parts. I take pride in all of my creations but it's not always easy to pull a sound out of my head and make it work in the studio. Then there is also the fact that sometimes the creative juices are flowing and therefore so does the seamless creation of a single. Whatever the case, I will keep creating music for the masses in order for me to stay young and hopefully keep others feeling that way too!”

“I Wish We Were Young” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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