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Emerging singer-songwriter Gavin Haley releases his brand new EP Unfolding

2020 is set to be a landmark year for bright burning newcomer, ‘Gavin Haley’, armed with a plethora of new songs including a remix by legendary drummer Travis Barker. ‘Unfolding’ is an unforgivingly honest expression of Haley’s raw emotions. It’s pop tinge coupled with the genuine humanity of the lyrics creates an introspective picture of Haley.

Haley commented on the new EP “The Unfolding EP is me being more vulnerable with everyone. The idea for this project was to shine a light on the things I had yet to share with the world in my writing. In my past songs, a lot of times I'm singing of relationship turmoil, but I've never really gone into what could have caused a lot of those issues. Unfolding is a series of growing pains through music.

Haley has not had an orthodox rise to the heights of the modern music industry but his music takes on the role of expressing every valuable lesson learnt through the countless twists and turns of an extraordinary life. In response to the successes and hardship he has etched out his own scintillating alt-pop sound with self professing lyrics and an undercurrent of hip-hop and acoustic guitar.

Haley has been praised by People Magazine as one of their 20 “Emerging Artists making their mark in music,” and Flaunt Magazine who hailed his “irresistible sound,” adding, “the cathartic anthem… serves as another look into Gavin’s escalating career.”

Listen to the full EP here:

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