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  • Paul Riley

Emerging Star Jack Xander Reveals Incredible New Single "Sun Up My Sleeve"

Jack Xander’s music is undoubtedly addictive. Although the LA-based artist only made his music debut earlier this year, it’s already clear what a huge talent he is. His knack for unique melodies makes his songs incredibly intriguing and engaging with high replay value as can be heard on his new single, “Sun Up My Sleeve”.

“Sun Up My Sleeve” is Jack’s third single and features the same captivating and immersive sound that he is becoming known for and takes the listener on an intoxicating journey to a gloomy and foreboding world. Jack’s forlorn vocal stylings are delicate yet powerful and reminiscent of underground ‘80s alternative bands, allowing the song to stand out and make an impact on first listen. The new single also features an equally impressive B-side titled “Wasting Time”, which serves as the perfect high-energy counterpart to the darker nature of “Sun Up My Sleeve”.

Speaking further on the new single, Jack says, “I feel that ‘Sun Up My Sleeve’ is a window into the loneliest part of my soul, where no hope lives, but an orange ray of light sometimes peeks through. It was recorded live in my home studio with my brother (Alfie H-W) on drums, Leo Major on synths, and bass by Dawson Kroeger. The original demo was recorded at the beginning of lockdown.”

“Sun Up My Sleeve” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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