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Energy Whores to Release Anti-War Anthem "The Winter Sky" 6/3

New York-based, genre-bending group Energy Whores is back with their latest single, “The Winter Sky” a melancholy, indie-electronica offering, set for release on June 3rd. The track explores the pointlessness of war, opening with a jolt of bomb blasts that turn into upbeat drum machines, vocal harmonies melting in. This juxtaposition is a classic mark of the group, and incredibly intentional. Lines like, “As bombs fall from the winter sky/ We’ll dance even though we know we’re going to die,” point to the group’s message that there is still love in the human race, despite the annihilation we’ve seen throughout history. It is a tale of hope, while still calling out the evil evident around us.

Taking inspiration from the classic protest music of Bob Dylan and the edgier work of Rage Against the Machine, Energy Whores has been referred to by press as “an electro-punk-pop band whose hypnotic beat isn’t enough to distract from their lyrics’ acidity” (Rock Cabeca). Conceived by singer/songwriter Carrie Schoenfeld and guitarist Attilo Valenti, the duo has combined their talents to shine a light on the alarming realities of many Americans as political tensions continue to grow. Previous releases have been featured in the likes of She Makes Music, Lock, Rough, Lost in the Manor, EDM Rekords, Illustrate Magazine, Plastic Mag, Eat This Rock, and Dope Cause We Said So.

Not only does Energy Whores push boundaries with their lyricism, their experimental sound is entirely unique. Described by Indie Rock as “avant-garde art rock,” their genre is difficult to pin down. Elements of electro-indie, pop, disco, rock, and 80s synth pepper their tracks. They describe their music as, “designed to be meaningful while also pushing [the listener] to dance.”

It is no surprise that Shoenfeld has taken on this project, a passionate call for action against the injustice she sees in the world displayed through an artistic lens. As a professional painter with featured works in La Mama Galleria, Montserrat Gallery and Hal Katzen, a scenic artist for The Met and SNL, an illustrative designer, a producer of numerous critically-acclaimed Off-Broadway Productions (The Invested, Spin Off), and director of the indie sci-fi comedy Asockalypse, she is consistently sharing her boundless creativity.


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