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Erik Odsell has recently released a fantastic new studio album: Human

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

What does it mean to be human? What does it really mean? This might seem like a very simple question to ask, and in some ways, it is a rather simple question. We are all human, so we should all be able to answer, right? Well, maybe in a perfect world it would be a resounding yes, but it just so happens that reality is a little more complex than that, and different people might indeed give you dramatically different answers. Instead of trying to grapple with this age-old dilemma, Erik Odsell turned to music, allowing the songs to speak out and hopefully providing a deeper insight. Perhaps, Erik can’t really tell you what it means to be Human, but he sure can make you FEEL what it means. Maybe, this is the key. Humans feel, for better and for worse. The beautiful songs on this aptly titled album are all about feeling, and Erik is a storyteller with an open heart. Someone who is passionate about sharing and capturing stories, reaching out to people with his magnetic charisma and with his lyrics. Find out more and listen to this talented songwriter!

Watch the Behind The Scenes video:

Stream the album:

For all things Erik Odsell:

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