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Erik Reino will take listeners on a journey with new E.P "Back To The Start"

Amsterdam's Erik Reino is taking his audience on his musical journey with him. Singing about joy and heartache, he aims to create a safe space in which his audience can find solace within. His infectious personality carriers itself across any sized stage, with his live show sure to create an impression.

This time Reino is back with an irresistible E.P entitled "Back To The Start." "Back To The Start" is an immersive musical offering that has been inspired by many different genres and musical inspirations - including pop, rock and electronic. Tracks "Love Container” and “Old Town Cinema” will be sure to get you dancing with their warm synths, playful drums and irresistible vocal lines. Tracks such as “Contrails” come as emotive offerings that feature stripped back instrumentals.

Speaking about the E.P, he says: “I was inspired by the Greek mythology of Sisyphus: endlessly rolling a giant boulder uphill, only to see it roll down in the end. It's a metaphor for life: you keep building projects, but in the end, everything falls apart in life. This comes up mainly in the song Back To The Start, but the theme also returns in the song Old Town Cinema, where the focus is more on the nostalgic side of things falling apart. In this case: an old movie theatre stands for adolescence which inevitably ends for everyone.

With irresistible music and a growing fanbase, we cannot wait to see where he'll take this.



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