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Eruption Artistique offer up the immersive new single 'So Strange'

Ever since they first emerged, Rotterdam-based duo Eruption Artistique have established themselves as one of the more alluring names doing the rounds right now. With a flurry of rich and inventive releases under their belt already, including their recent collection 'The ICON EP', the pair are now back for 2023 to unveil their mesmerising new single 'So Strange'.

Fulfilling their desire for warm and atmospheric blues-rock-inspired aesthetics once again, 'So Strange' continues their adventurous streak throughout its five-minute runtime. Described as a "cinema noir story", they create this brilliantly captivating world of narrative-driven delights that really pack a punch in both aural and visual styles.

Accompanied by a truly compelling new video, this new outing marks another firm and confident step forward in their musical evolution to date. Branching into a more ethereal guise, permeated with vibrant textures throughout, Eruption Artistique stand as one of the more innovative artists on the rise today.

Enjoy the new video for 'So Strange' below.

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