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Estonian Pop Artist, SVNDRA Returns With New Single 'Rocketship'

Estonian pop artist SVNDRA shines on her new single 'Rocketship'. With a sound worthy of a spot on BBC Radio 1's playlist. SVNDRA has the perfect blend of impact and simplicity to create a super effective modern Pop sound. The huge production value of 'Rocketship' is striking, mixing deep, sub heavy bass, airy synths, punching beats, dappled vocal samples to create a danceable yet etherial soundscape. SVNDRA's mega catchy vocal line floats over the music to pin down the vibe creating a track which, despite it's relative simplicity, holds subtle depth and immense commercial appeal. An effortless summer bop, expect to see SVNDRA occupying a national radio playlist in the near future! Listen to 'Rocketship' below:



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