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Ethan Senger captivates on the vibrant new single 'Standing Still'

Ever since he first emerged with his breakthrough self-titled debut EP back in 2020, Atlanta's Ethan Senger has been on an exceptional rise. Exploring a broad and varied approach to his distinctive pop-rock aesthetic in the years since, he now returns with his captivating new single 'Standing Still'.

Taken from his newly unveiled sophomore EP, also called 'Standing Still', this new outing continues to cement him as one of the more compelling names on the scene today. Brimming with a bright and euphoric approach to songwriting and production throughout, 'Standing Still' could wind up going down as his most impactful release to date.

Given his adventurous tenure since he first emerged, 'Standing Still's uplifting presence should come as no surprise to those following his work so far. Jam-packed with a tenacious energy and passion that very few can replicate, Ethan Senger is a name we should get very familiar with as the years go on.

Enjoy 'Standing Still' below.

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