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Exciting new single "Divide" from Jada Imani

Hawaii-based up-and-coming artist Jada Imani has unveiled her latest track, “Divide”. With atmospheric and unique instrumentations, the dynamic percussion paints a vivid and almost hypnotic picture. Jada Imani’s vocals are both soothing and entirely captivating as it intertwines with the intoxicating melody.

“‘Divide’ was born out of conflict. When I could not reconcile the social tensions in my life, I turned to making this song as a way to expel the stress from my body and give myself resolve.”

Originally hailing from the San Francisco’s Bay Area, Jada Imani has quickly established herself as an artist to watch. With her forthcoming EP, Jojoba, currently underway after the warm welcome to her previous two EPs, Thought U Knew and Blend. Jada Imani effortlessly blends together sonic influences to create a unique blend of sultry R&B with atmospheric lo-fi vibes. This can be seen nowhere better than on her latest track “Divide”.

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