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Express Office Portico releases infectious single 'Forget The Name'

Express Office Portico formed over lockdown, but have got their sound down to a T. The band consisting of Tara Freeman, Billy Townsend, Reuben Tobolewski, Ben Phipps and Olly Walton, all bring their own influences to their sound - melting and forming their signature offering.

Their latest offering ‘Forget The Name’ is as infectious as ever and fuses genres together seamlessly. Atmospheric synths present a thick texture that works hand in hand with strong, slick guitar lines. The drums and bass present a strong rhythmic backbone that gives the track a perfect, tight foundation for colourful and captivating melodies to flow above.

Discussing the release the band shares: “The concept for ‘Forget The Name’ stems from the phrase ‘gather ye rosebuds while ye may’, simply enjoy yourself now before your situation changes. Yet lyrically, we have purposefully laid out a contrasting point of view on the saying. Forget The Name shows a more realistic view of the challenges that come with change. The floral themes throughout show beauty whilst also lyrically highlighting the mundane nature of change as a constant. With change comes the fact that people get older, people move in and out of each other’s lives, and then we start to lose memories of people we once knew. We forget their faces and eventually their names. The song is a battle of two contrasting ideologies within a person: one that fears the change life has to offer and therefore sacrifices the present moment, and one whose attitude towards life is ‘Carpe Diem’.”

The group found the recording process liberating, working with producer Joshua Rumble to collaborate on their sound. They say: “The single is the last of a trio of singles recorded at Old Chaplin Road side of Battery studios in Willesden, London, UK and at producer Joshua Rumble’s (bassist from Anteros) family home. The company of Josh’s dog Guus kept us all entertained as we each recorded our parts, with Guus even joining in with the vocal warmups!” The track was mastered by Nick Watson of Fluid Mastering.

With continued backing from BBC Introducing in the Midlands, Express Office Portico have been able to garner support from fans and the music industry in general across the UK. With a great reputation, their career can only go from strength to strength.


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