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Feature: Sir Winston's Electrifying New Single - 'Perfectly Numb'

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Australian DJ and Producer, Sir Winston, Delivers a Captivating Fusion of Genres and Unveils a Visual Indie-Sleaze Music Video Masterpiece Featuring the W.A.F.F.L.E Dance Crew

Sir Winston, the acclaimed artist known for his captivating music and eclectic style, sat down with us to discuss his highly anticipated EP, ‘Démons à Combattre’, and the creative journey behind his latest release. In this exclusive interview, he reveals the inspirations, evolutions, and unique elements that make his music so compelling.

The New York City based Australian DJ and producer is on a mission to redefine the boundaries of indie-sleaze music with his latest single, ‘Perfectly Numb’. Taken from his highly anticipated EP 'Démons à Combattre', this electrifying track showcases Sir Winston's exceptional talent for blending genres and creating unique sonic experiences that leave listeners craving more.

Speaking about the genesis of 'Démons à Combattre', Sir Winston shared, "I wrote most of the songs whilst living in Paris last year and recorded it at Transmitter Studios in Greenpoint Brooklyn New York. I worked again with Abe Seiferth who has worked on all the Sir Winston releases with me. The EP is called 'Démons à Combattre,' which means Demons to Fight in French. There is a French theme to the EP. I loved living in Paris and I wanted this EP to have a really strong theme. I wanted to explore themes of temptation, forbidden fruit – fighting against inner demons. I loved walking the streets of Paris at night recording ideas into my phone. When I got to New York ready to record, I had a ton of ideas."

Unveiling his creative process behind ‘Perfectly Numb’, Sir Winston recalls the magic that unfolded in the studio: "Everything flowed and ran like a dream for 'Perfectly Numb.' We found the new sound we were after. Completing it brought total joy - I left the studio beaming." The track, propelled by an infectious arpeggiated synth riff and a pulsating bassline, embodies a state of blissful numbness and serves as an anthem for those who seek to surrender to the seductive allure of the music.


To bring the essence of the EP to life visually, Sir Winston teamed up with the W.A.F.F.L.E crew, a collective of Litefeet Subway Dancers from New York City, for an extraordinary music video set in the bustling subway. "I would see them dancing on the subway on the way to the studio in Brooklyn, and they were so talented. I hit them up, and they were down to be in the video," Sir Winston explains. The resulting visual masterpiece, filmed during the late hours to capture the raw energy of the subway, perfectly encapsulates the EP's Brooklyn sound and French-inspired themes.

Sir Winston's musical journey has been shaped by his deep connection to the art form. "Music is the biggest part of my life – I'm addicted to it. Making music is what gets me through life – it pumps my blood," he reveals. Drawing from personal experiences, Sir Winston's compositions serve as a means of communication, enabling him to express his true emotions with an honesty and vulnerability that transcends mere words. "If I'm in pain or struggling, writing songs and producing music soothes that pain and gives me clarity. Music helps me push through."

Beyond his music, Sir Winston seamlessly merges his passion for music and fashion, resulting in a multi-dimensional creative expression. His tracks have been featured in major fashion campaigns by renowned brands such as NIKE, VOGUE, Victoria's Secret, and Maybell.

In his live performances and DJ sets, Sir Winston rejects commercial music in favour of a hybrid blend of styles that merges the intensity of tech house with darker elements. "I'm not a fan of commercial music. I like hybrid music – different styles coming together," he emphasises. Striving to take his audience on a transformative journey, Sir Winston creates sets that are both cerebral and physical, invoking intense emotions and encouraging revellers to lose their inhibitions and experience true escapism.

‘Perfectly Numb’ represents a notable progression in Sir Winston's sound and style. Departing from the indie rock sound of his previous singles, this track exudes a vibrant, upbeat energy, driven by electronic elements and dance-infused beats. While still incorporating guitars, they find their specific place within the song's dynamic landscape. Sir Winston describes the track as a throwback to the music of the 2010s, embracing a hedonistic indulgence and the acceptance of a self-induced state of numbness that invites listeners to savour the moment.

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