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Fibres break through with their vibrant debut album 'Shared Hallucinations'

While originally formed prior to the COVID lockdowns, the influence behind Manchester's Fibres first studio album is very much inspired by those turbulent times. With comas and alcohol very much the headlines of their pandemic, Chris Potter and Dan Barnes looked to put music to their lives during that time, resulting in their vibrant debut album 'Shared Hallucinations'.

Capturing some wonderfully bright and anthemic textures throughout its eleven tracks, 'Shared Hallucinations' is a beautifully conceived slice of indie-rock gold. Brimming with raw and emotive lyrics and powerful guitar hooks from start to finish, these two are bursting out of the gates with style and aplomb here.

Adding about the coma that inspired the release, Dan Barnes said, "I felt like I’d been away for 3 months of the most surreal experiences when I was suffering ICU delirium".

Very rarely does a band emerge in the way that Fibres have, but when they do, it certainly makes for memorable listening. Bold, passionate, and distinctive throughout, 'Shared Hallucinations' has already left us reeling for more from the duo.

Enjoy 'Shared Hallucinations' below.



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