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[First Listen] Milo Bank$ - Sonder EP

Milo Bank$ is a London-based alternative hip hop artist, coming out of a small island called Malta. Today, he has finally released his new EP Sonder.

Previously known as CHEF, Milo Bank$ started off his music career in 2017 releasing projects titled Liquid Thoughts, Purple Moon and UNKWN up until early 2020. After a period of silence, a newly rebranded Milo Bank$ made his entry back into the scene with his most recent release Dancing With My Demons, a 5 track EP featuring artists such as Sam Christie, JC.B and Chris Vella. 

Milo’s new EP, Sonder, comes from his realization that every single passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own. The project is set to represent the first time he and his producer Chris Vella have put their heads together musically for an extended period of time, and they have come up with something that perfectly conveys the rough times that we are going through.

"To me, Sonder is a collection of emotions and events that came out of the most productive and experimental period of my music career. "

The EP's title track, a standout of the record, captures an all-encompassing soundscape packed with psychedelic synths and one of Milo's strongest hooks to date. "Sonder" warps nicely into "918 Spyder", which includes the crazy music video featuring Milo spitting his hard rhymes behind various landscapes. "The Smoke Room" is perfect for any hotbox, especially with its chill beat created by the maestro Chris Vella.

Milo taps into his inner Batman on "Bruce Wayne" spitting his usual flow amongst one of the jazzier instrumentals on the EP. Sonder's last track "Where You Going" is the record's most emotional, with a hook and verses that will surely resonate with the listener. lt would be rude not to mention that Sonder features some solid guest verses from Kofi Browne, Sam Christie, JC. B as well.


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