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Fish And Scale captivates on his lofty new EP 'Wonderful'

Earlier this year, German artist Fish And Scale returned with his beautifully composed comeback single 'Stay!', the first new offering since his highly-praised studio album 'You Can Call Me Love'. And after the rousing response to that recent effort, he now looks to cement his legacy these last few months with his lofty new EP 'Wonderful'.

Showcasing more of that sweet and tender approach he has always looked to bring to his work since he first emerged, 'Wonderful' stands as a brilliantly warm and inviting listen throughout. With his instantly endearing voice setting the stage for a rousing four-track run, brimming with heartfelt emotion, his latest outing is another firm reminder of his tantalising direction these last few years.

While he has certainly looked to make a firm name for himself this past decade, Fish And Scales has truly begun to break through into his best work to date. With such an enticing grasp over his direction and aesthetic from start to finish, 'Wonderful' continues his ascent as a wonderfully enchanting name we can't wait to hear more from.

Enjoy 'Wonderful' below.



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