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Fish And Scale sweeps us away on the tender new single 'Stay!'

Photo: Jana Jule Simon

Ever since he first emerged, German singer-songwriter Roland Wälzlein aka Fish And Scale has always looked to project a more tender and heartfelt direction than most. And with his recent studio album 'You Can Call Me Love' cracking the number 15 spot on the French iTunes chart upon its release, he is now looking to continue their vibrant ascent with his dreamy new offering 'Stay!'

Much like what we have heard from him already, 'Stay!' hones more of that sweet and emotive aesthetic he has cemented for himself over the years. Using little more than a subtle blend of acoustic guitar and piano alongside his warm and riveting voice throughout, he is returning with a truly fresh and embracing release, brimming with bright and joyous textures throughout.

A born showman, the new track also comes accompanied by a spellbinding new video that perfectly captures the song's bold and compelling tones. Delivering a strong yet heartfelt performance with these new visuals, he flamboyantly illustrates that glittering persona that has already brought him so much love and praise in recent years.

Enjoy 'Stay!' below.



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